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About Me Secure

We were founded in 2015 and are one of the pioneers of the Sharing Economy. Since then, we’ve been building a peer-to-peer marketplace that safely and reliably connects neighbours to get things done through the melding of social, location-based, and mobile technologies.


Work Culture

Me Secure prides itself in having a work culture that is transparent, employee-driven and solutions oriented. Through it’s primary Program RUNWAY, Renuka Enterprise management shares the strategy and vision for the company with all employees. This way, the conventional closed-door policy format is overridden by the interactive and engagement driven format. By giving employees the power to be involved in big as well as small strategy decisions, Renuka Enterprise ensures that the employees are always glued in to what is happening in the company.

This also facilitates the possibility of getting true, honest and constructive FEEDBACK from the employees – a practice that greatly helps improve offerings to clients and the work culture, in general.


Who We Are

We’re a tight-knit team that’s passionate about building a solution that helps people by maximizing their time, talent and skills.

TaskRabbit is providing equal opportunities to people around the world to earn a living and connect with others in their community. Our product is working to generate change and we are committed to playing a role in increasing underrepresented populations in the tech industry.

We think being open and approachable is the foundation of diversity, which is why we prioritize direct communication and invest in resources to make sure our team feels connected and like they can bring their full selves to work each day. All employees work cross-functionally and interact directly with everyone in the company, creating a tight-knit, respectful and inclusive community.

More Than Just a Job

We’re an interactive, connected community. At Me Secure you’ll have the opportunity to get involved in community events, usability tests, hackathons, demo days, Learnches (Learn and Lunch) and more!


Mail us your resume at